Saturday, March 22, 2008

Paris, Ontario

Paris, OntarioParis, Ontario (2006 pop. 11,177) is on the Grand River in Brant County. In 1999, its town government was amalgamated into the City of Brant (2006 pop. 34,415).

In 1829, Hiram Capron came to the Forks of the Grand and founded the settlement of Paris. In 1850, it was incorporated as a village, with Capron as reeve. In 1856, Paris was incorporated as a town, with H. Finlayson as its first mayor. For the next 142 years, Paris ran its own affairs, with its own mayor, council and control over local services.

Location of Paris, OntarioParis was named for the nearby deposits of gypsum, used to make Plaster of Paris.

On August 10, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell received the first long distance telephone call at what is now retail store The River Lily, 91 Grand River St. North, Paris. The call was made by Alexander Graham Bell's father from downtown Brantford, Ontario.