Saturday, May 3, 2008

Goderich, Ontario

Goderich, Ontario Town HallGoderich, Ontario (2006 pop. 7,563) is located on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. In 1841 Goderich became the administrative and judicial centre for the newly created Huron District. Nine years later, with a population of about 1,000, the community was incorporated as a town.

In 1826 the Canada Company, a newly chartered colonization firm, acquired a large block of land known as the Huron Tract. The following year William "Tiger" Dunlop, appointed Warden of the Forests by the Company's first superintendent, John Galt, established his base here in the western part of the Tract. Named Goderich after the Colonial Secretary, Viscount Goderich, the site was initially marked only by "The Castle", Dunlop's residence, but a settlement gradually developed. By 1829 the Canada Company had surveyed a town plot, opened the Huron Road from Guelph, and established an office.

Location of Goderich, OntarioThe building shown has been the town hall since 1961. It was built in 1890 as a post office and customs house and was designed by Thomas Fuller, architect (with Chilion Jones) of the Centre Block of Parliament.

Sifto Canada, Inc operates the largest salt mine in the world underneath Goderich's harbour extending 5 km under Lake Huron.
Another company operating in Goderich is Volvo that operates a road grader manufacturing plant.