Friday, March 14, 2008

Port Burwell, Ontario

Port Burwell, OntarioPort Burwell, Ontario is named after Mahlon Burwell who laid out the community in 1830. It is now part of the Municipality of Bayham (2006 pop. 6,727).

The Port Burwell lighthouse was constructed in 1840. It was used to aid navigation and commercial shipping of local timber on Lake Erie. Its fixed, white light was visible for 19 kilometres. The lighthouse closed in 1962 when the Canadian Coast Guard began decommissioning light stations. In 1965, the Village of Port Burwell acquired the structure. It is the oldest wooden lighthouse on the Location of Port Burwell, Ontario Canadian shore of Lake Erie and one of the oldest surviving lights in Canada.

Trinity Anglican Church, Port Burwell, Ontario was constructed as a result of the interest and substantial financial assistance of Lieut-Col. Mahlon Burwell.